Thursday, February 21, 2008

George Szirtes on the next Marai novels in English

I shot an email to George Szirtes, the translator of Casanova in Bolzano and The Rebels, asking him if he's working on another Marai novel. Here's what the gentleman wrote back:

"I have just returned the corrected proofs of a novella, Eszter hagyatéka (Esther's Inheritance), and have now received another two, related, novellas Az Igazi and Judit es az utohang. The English titles of those are undecided yet, but they would be roughly The Real Thing and Judith and The Echo (though utohang is also epilogue and legacy - though not in a legal sense). I have yet to see which sense fits best."

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Subtropics editor on including Rebels excerpt

David Leavitt, editor of the literary journal Subtropics, talks about why he chose to include the opening chapter of The Rebels in its January 2007 issue.
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